I Hope it's Not Hereditary

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This collection of stranger-than-fiction stories will have you rolling on the floor laughing at the adventures, antics, and aspirations of evangelist Bob Hartley as retold by his often-skeptical son, Jed. You'll discover that there's never a dull moment in the life of Bulldog Bob; whether in the classroom, on the wrestling mat, or in the carpet cleaning van.
But more than just streaming anecdotes, this book tackles an exploration of the father-son relationship as Jed records his father's epic life lessons; and then applies them to himself. 
It's a journey he will never forget...and neither will you.
"I found this book to be absolutely hilarious and quite inspiring. Furthermore it helped explain my good friend Bob Hartley to me, so that even I understand, appreciate and... fear him more...as I read, I was honestly blown away by the wit, humor and observational gift that Jedidiah carries."
~ Johnny Enlow
Author: 7 Mountain Prophecy

"If it is like Father like Son – then we are in for double fun! Bob and Jed Hartley have combined together to forge an amazing, witty read full of adventures, surprises and encounters with the Holy Spirit. I have had the joy of knowing Bob Hartley since his college days and have the pleasure of knowing his delightful son, Jed. What a pair! What a life! You will inspired with hope and challenged to be all you can be in Christ Jesus by this father – son team. I hope it is hereditary."
~ James W. Goll